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Tarmo Saves a Bird


Tarmo the fox and his sister Siri come across a little bird that has fallen down from its nest. Picking blueberries must wait when they take off to find a way to help the bird back up the nest high …

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Animated Interactive Content with EPUB3 Compatibility


Tarmo books are created with technology that produces EPUB3 compatible content. One production delivers both an animated EPUB3 publication and fully functional book apps for Android and iOS platforms. Read more

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Sidubara’s Method of Working – A Controlled Design Process

Example of animation plan

Sidubara’s interactive book productions proceed with a tested workflow. Each design phase is documented to ensure everyone involved has a clear view on what is happening next. Read more about collaboration possibilities.

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Sidubara Oy has closed down

Sidubara Oy has closed down. We thank everyone involved! Our love for interactive story telling lives on. For any inquiries about interactive media pieces or about the Tarmo series, please contact Lotta Rönnberg directly.

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